Final Journal

My Journey through the Social Media Maze Social Media Journal #4 Objective: During the last 8 weeks I have been an explorer, a researcher and an original creator of tools used in Social Media in relation to Education. I have listened collaborated and tried to interpret what I have seen found and heard. At the … Continue reading

Tech and Trends #3

My Journey through the Social Media Maze Tech and Trends Blog #3 The two Tech and Trends Web 2.0 tools chosen are Wikipedia and Quizlet. Wikipedia is coined from two words-from the Hawaiian word wiki meaning quick and encyclopedia. This quick encyclopedia operates on the following five “pillars”: · Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. · Wikipedia … Continue reading

Journal #3 For PIDP 3240

The Growing Use Of Twitter By Today’s Educators Objective: The video bog by K.Walsh emphasizes the growing use of Twitter by educators. He emphasizes his point of view with a wealth of quotes about Twitter from various sources. One of his sources was “100 ways to teach with Twitter”. He also states that Twitter use … Continue reading

Journal #2 Social Media 3240

Emelda Doyon Walking through the social media Maze Social Media Journal #2 Journal #2 Building on the Social Layer The game layer on top of the world Objective: Seth Priebatsch one of the Ted Talks motivational, video speakers talks about building the framework for motivating people. He states that social media like Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

Journal #1

Journal #1 Social Media As A Learning Tool PIDP 3240 How Social Media can change History Objective The TED video discuss the ways in which social media is impacting everyone, changing how we get information and helping us react to it instantaneously.  As we enter into this new media age, history is being made as … Continue reading